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I'm Stevie, however you might know me as "SomeGuy827", Stevie Cybernetik, or even Dj Cybernetic Shredder, depending on how you came across me. This is my official tumblr thing for my music, YouTube, and other projects so stick around and enjoy!

“He had a theory that musicians are incredibly complex, and know far less than other artists what they want and what they are; that they puzzle themselves as well as their friends; that their psychology is a modern development, and has not yet been understood.” — E.M. Forster

I pretty much love everything deadsy :P. I wish they would get back together, but I don’t think that might ever happen.

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    I’ve got all this too!!!!
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    I want that beanie more than anything I’ve fucking seen lately. GOOD GOD GIVE ME.
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